Degraded performance of Twitter Integration

Hey Folks,

I am Artem, Co-Founder and CTO of Bardeen.

Have some unfortunate news to share on Twitter. Along with their recent changes on the access policy of Tweets they have went ahead and removed access to some essential API features. This has been done without a prior announcement or a heads up of sorts and broke pretty much every app that used those essential Twitter API features. As a result, going forward you are going to see degraded performance of Twitter integration. Namely some important actions (like get followers of a user) are completely broken (see the thread in their developer community GET /2/users/:id/following is now broken - Twitter API - Twitter Developers) because they just took the corresponding API endpoint down :man-shrugging: . Along with this we are also experiencing degraded performance of the Twitter integration with some other commands (like get tweets) throwing errors as well.

We are currently evaluating the situation and considering whether we should continue supporting twitter with limited functionality or give up on it altogether. We will keep you posted.