Datafields edit and match mapping not working on LinkedIn datascrape to Notion

Hey, issue below - thanks!

I’ve created a playbook to scrape data from LinkedIn profiles to a Notion database. However, when I try to edit inputs in Bardeen to the ones I have in my Notion database, I see options flash up in Bardeen for like half a second and then they disappear so I can’t edit and match. Any ideas? Is this a bug?

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Shared Playbook | Bardeen

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No problem, all sorted. I just had to click the ‘choose Notion Database’ section. It’s not very clear you have to do that but at least it now works!

Thanks for the update, glad you found a solution!

On the loom seems you were trying to edit the inputs of the configuration?

Did you intend to edit the playbook instead?

We’re very open to your :bulb:Share an idea or suggestions on improvements :slight_smile:

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