No Notion pages matching your search criteria were found

I try to build a template of scrape ins profile to notion, it seems successd,but when it round,it shows a error like this:No Notion pages matching your search criteria were found. Please make sure that Bardeen integration has been granted access to the notion resources you are looking for (Share → Bardeen (Integration) → Can Edit).

I check the setting correct, and if I select system template,it round well.

I don’t know what’s the problem,and need your help,thanks!

Hi @harriett, Welcome to the Bardeen Community :slight_smile:

Would you mind sharing your automation so we can check the setup of it to ensure it’s steps are correct?

Thank you,

First of all, when I used the scrape operation, I allowed the connection between notion and bardeen and the scope of use.
Then I created a database in notion, and created a bardeen scape step in Instagram I needed.
I can find the real database in the step of scape building.
Everything looks normal, but an error message occurs when running.
For this reason, I tried to deauthorize the notion and re-operate, but to no avail.
Build scape is really simple and I can do it well likes scape sth to google sheet,but I need your help for the connection of notion and bardeen.

Thanks very much!

Thank you for this information.

Here’s what I’m asking more specifically though:

Would you mind sharing the link? Thank you!

OK,here is the playbook sharing,thanks!

Hi Jessie,
How about the problem of scrape to notion?

Hi @harriett, thank you for following up as this one slipped through on me haha

It appears your playbook is missing the “Update or Add Notion Page” action.

Watch this video for a full explanation on how the Update or add Notion page action works - Your playbook should be the exact same actions in the video:

I hope this helps!
Thank you,

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