Add page to notion database doesn't work

I simply want to draw a linkedin profile into my notion database, doing exactly as Renat explains in this video: Copy Linkedin profile to a Notion database

First, I just tried to use your template, but multiple fields from my notion database can not be selected (like phone number, email address, and more).

So I tried to rebuild it myself. However, when I want to add the second step in the sequence, it doesnt give me the option to “add page to notion…” It only suggests me to request a new API. But I am doing exactly the same thing as Renat is doing.

What is happening? I need help with both questions.

Hey @thomas,

Let me see if I can help you, firstly the can you clarify what does it mean that they cannot be selected?

The actions is called Create notion page and not Add page to notion make sure you are looking for the correct action.

Could you share a SS of your database and your book?

Hi @Deyan_Petrov, I would love to send you a screenshot from my Database, and from the Field Matching in Bardeen. However, your community tool doesnt allow me to add screenshots. So how can I provide them to you?

I can’t chose “phone”, nor “email”.

Hi @Deyan_Petrov

I created a short loom video instead: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

Thank you for your help in advance!

Thank you for taking the time to record a video. My guess is, as you mentioned, the data types do not match.

Bardeen scraper has a few different data types but Phone Number and Email are not one of them.

So to solve the issue you will have to change the data types in Notion, and I do not think there is any workaround to get functionally e.g. click on email to open mailing service or click on phone to open phone.

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