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Hello hello,

Is it possible to connect Bardeen with other tools such as Zapier or using an API or Webhook ?
It would be amazing!

Let me know if that’s possible

Hi @riccardo - this is very much possible.

Bardeen has these to actions to send http GET/POST requests via API call:

Here’s a video on it with further details:

I hope this helps!
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Hey there Jessica,

This is amazing!

Are there also Webhooks available to trigger Bardeen Autobooks ??

Hi, it’s just Jess actually! :upside_down_face:

Bardeen has autobooks that can be scheduled to run as long as you have a browser open and are connected to the internet.

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Sorry, just the habit.

Thanks for the clarification!


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Thanks for the help Jess! :trophy:

Hi @riccardo, to respond this question, I can’t think of a way to trigger Bardeen autobooks via API.

Do you have any use-case in mind?

This is a good point we should consider.

I’m turninig this into an idea :bulb:Share an idea so other folks can upvote :slight_smile:

An example that comes to mind:
User has a webflow website form, where they collect a linkedin url. They want to send that url to Bardeen via API and trigger it so it can be scraped in the background.

Hi @riccardo,
we are adding webhooks to Bardeen. Is there a specific use case that you have in mind? That will help us prioritize.

– Matthias

Hey there @matthias, this is amazing!

I’m looking to connect Bardeen together with for example so that, if I finish performing a particular scrape, make can work and perform some additional automation such as API call and things of that nature.

let me know if that could be something useful for you!

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Hi @riccardo – Ok, to clarify, you want to trigger some automation in once something in Bardeen has finished, not the other way around?

Well, both cases are quite useful.

The other way around would be powerful to trigger Bardeen with Webhooks and that would also be something really useful in the automation space.

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Gotcha, thanks for context. Probably the easiest way to make the connection work today would be to use Sheets as a middleware. E.g.

  • your Bardeen automation can add a row to a Sheet when it’s done (a timestamp, a URL, an email address, …) and could pick up on that change and process it
  • your automation could do the same, and Bardeen could pick up on that

You could also try our HTTP POST command. While that doesn’t have a good UX in case of errors, it should be sufficient to trigger a custom webhook in make:

Accepting custom webhooks in Bardeen has been asked for previously; we haven’t scoped or prioritized that. If you help us make a strong case for it, that may change :wink:

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