Can't select fields with the scraper on a map

Hello I am trying to scrape data from county websites. Many counties seem to use the same software to build their site so if I can get this working on one county site, it should work on many.

Problem is I can select the desired text with my mouse, but Bardeen doesn’t recognize anything I click on as selectable or scrapable.

Here is a video of what I’m trying to do 2023-07-24_11-45-26.mp4

Hey @SBW! Welcome to the Bardeen community. We’re glad to have you here. It looks like you’re facing an issue with selecting the desired text on county websites.

Bardeen’s scraper can be a bit tricky with embedded platforms like maps, as they are not directly part of the page.

What fields do you want to get? So we can try to extract them.

When openning the link, this is what I see

Feel free to ask any further questions or share any additional information. We’re here to help!

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