Cannot Scrape Numbers to use for an Airtable number-formatted column + "get function of" errors

I am trying to scrape data from a Convertkit dashboard. I am using “Get Text” to grab 1 number value and 2 percentage values. But when I run my automation, I get this message:

“You are trying to use a different kind of data than the current argument expects. Bardeen will convert it, but the result may be unexpected.”

This is the data I am trying to scrape:

For the percentages, I cannot grab the value without the % sign.

When it writes to my airtable, the values of 1.75% turned into 100.00% and 57.25% turned into 5700.00%.

So then I tried to do a simple math equation to move decimal spaces but I think because the values both contain the “%” sign, when I use the “Get product of” function to multiply numbers, I get the error message:

Impossible to convert some types. We were not able to automatically convert a value from type ‘1.74%’ to type ‘Number’. This error is usually encountered if a playbook action is given a field value of a previous command, for which there were no straightforward conversion possible.

How can I get around this?

Hi @jesse.orion.parker, thank you for reaching out! :ambassador_party_parrot:

For this use case, I would use the “Find values using regular expression” and input the following into the field labeled “Using RegEx”

Then, map the field labeled “In text” to the “Get Text” actions where you are pulling the %'s from.

If you are still confused, please provide a link to your automation, and I will update it on my end to share it with you.

Please let us know if this does the trick :raised_hands:
I hope this helps!
Thank you,

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Thanks @Jess! I was able to create that action but I am unable to then map it into the Airtable field because the Airtable field type is a number but this is now “text”. When I click into an Airtable field that is a “text” type, I have the option to map it in, but that’s not what I need.

Here’s a link to my automation: Shared Playbook Template

Thank you again for your offer to help and for your quick responses! :slight_smile:

This updated playbook should work for you:

Here’s what was wrong:

  1. We don’t need the “Get Product of” action
  2. Instead, we need the “Convert to Number” action
  3. You didn’t have it mapped in the airtable action:

I hope this helps!
Thank you,

@Jess the issue is that I cannot map the result from the “find values from regular expression” step into that field. But for example, if I needed it to go to “Main List Subs” above it, it does appear as an option. It seems the issue is that I can map it in a text field but not a numbers field. And I need it in the “number” type field. :confused:

@jesse.orion.parker - see my edited post above to cover this :slight_smile:

Let me know if this updated playbook works on your end. Thank you!

Thanks @Jess! I am getting closer using your suggestions but there is some weird stuff happening that I am not sure how to fix:

And to clarify, when I said I took “the number” to multiply, I was using the output of the “Convert to Number” action.

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Hi @jesse.orion.parker - thank you for the video!

Let me try to troubleshoot on my end - I’m receiving the same results as you.

Tagging @vin_bardeen for further assistance. The same issue pretty much as here: Scraping Euro amount to airtable truncates the digits after the dot - #8 by Jess

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@Jess and @vin_bardeen just wanted to check in here! I am wrapping up this project for a client (due by the end of the month) and this is literally one of the last 2 items on my checklist. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks again and keep me posted!

Hi @jesse.orion.parker, I don’t work for Bardeen, just a brand ambassador here so I don’t have any further updates at this time.

Tagging @lucy_bardeen for further assistance - think we’ve uncovered a bug similar to the one reported here: Scraping Euro amount to airtable truncates the digits after the dot - #8 by Jess

No worries @Jess! I appreciate the update and for tagging in Lucy.

@lucy_bardeen and @vin_bardeen - any ideas here?

Hi @jesse.orion.parker ,

So sorry that this one slipped through the cracks ! I’m referring this case to our engineers and will get back to you on how you can solve this.

Thanks for your patience and understanding !


Hi @jesse.orion.parker,

Sorry for the delayed response. Fortunately, we have identified and fixed the bug. The fix will go out with the next release.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Thanks @bagrat! Where can I follow along to know when the next release will happen?

@jesse.orion.parker see below:

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@bagrat, @vin_bardeen FWIW - I’m still receiving the same issue in version 2.38.1

Same here… :frowning: Keep me posted, Bardeen team! And thanks for testing, Jess :pray:

Hi @jesse.orion.parker and @Jess 2.39 has been released. You may need to manually update in the Chrome Extensions management page as the Chrome Store throttles automatic updates and doesn’t push the release out to all users all at once.

Cc: @vin_bardeen

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Confirming after 2.39 upgrade, it is working on my end.

Thank you @lucy_bardeen, @bagrat, and @vin_bardeen :slight_smile:

@jesse.orion.parker, give it a whirl when you get a chance.

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