Rule of Thumb: When to Anticipate Updated Versions of Bardeen

Every Wednesday, you can check for a new updated version of Bardeen by:

  1. First checking what version of Bardeen your browser is running:

  1. Navigate to Bardeen - Extension Installation

We’ll be sharing the cool new updates from each version at the end of the week on our site here: Release Notes | Bardeen

:magic_wand: I hope this helps!


Hey Jess! Great pro tip on when to anticipate updated versions of Bardeen.

To add to this, it’s really helpful to know that releases are usually on Tuesdays and new versions reach all apps by Wednesday.

That makes Wednesday a great day to update.

Also, consider Bardeen does monthly release notes, which get featured on :mega: Product Releases

Thanks again for the valuable tip! :ambassador_cat_jam: :ambassador_deal_with_it:

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