Can I scrape over a chosen tab instead of the active one?

Hello Team!

I’m confused as to why we can’t chose the option to scrape a chosen tab instead of active tab?

Am I missing something?


If you want to scrape a tab that is not active on your screen you can just use the “background scraper” and pass the URL to a the site you want to scrape.

Hey @adrien, intresting question!

Deyan is right, you can use the “background scraper” for scraping a tab that’s not active on the screen.

Yet it’s not the only way.

You CAN, run an “active tab” scraper over another tab, and then Bardeen will prompt you to specify which tab to navigate to.

Here’s an example where I run it over Gmail and it shows me the tab I should run it over instead

Question- Bardeen AI Will get it




Thanks for the prompt response. Yes, the 2nd option you mentioned is actually what I was doing. As I had 2 scraper templates used on Sales Navigator, I had to start the scraping automation on the right tab so it scrapes the correct tab at the right time (with the appropriate scraper).

That works fine.

Thank you.

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