Scraping in Background making it difficult to use other programs

Hello - I have a 3-tier deep scraper that opens a URL in the background, and, in doing so, changes the “program focus” on my computer, making it very challenging to work on other things while the scraper is working. Has anyone else experienced this / gotten around it? As an example, if I am in the middle of typing here, when a new URL opens in the background, the computer thinks I’m on the other tab & my typing is then applied to the other URL & I have to constantly switch tabs back to this one

Hi @parker, I’m sorry about this!

I think I know what you’re going though.

We’ve had this issue ocurr on mac users.

Here’s some context:

Tagging our scraping rockstar @manvel to complement on what can we try here.

Hi Ivan -

I have a windows computer, not a Mac :confused:

Oh that’s pretty bad then :sweat_smile:

Turning this into a :lady_beetle: Report an issue

Can you help provide some details on your case?

Specially a loom on how this is looking like would be very useful.

Other usefull information

  • The automation link you are using
  • Do you have any example urls or steps so we can try to replicate?
  • Bardeen version

We will help with some credits for your help :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for reporting this @parker I assume this is the issue you experience.
We are looking into it and will try to ensure to fix it for the upcoming release.

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