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Is there a way for bardeen to automatically take the names and address from one spreadsheet and scrape the phone numbers and emails off of a site like True People Search or Fast People Search? Then take all the information and place them on another spreadsheet?

Hi @robert.musser, Welcome to the Bardeen Community :slight_smile:

I think this is possible, but unfamiliar with the structure of the URL for both True People Search/Fast People. Basically what you’d do is build the True People Search/Fast People URL for searching each name and/or address in your spreadsheet using formulas.

This video at 23:37 will help show you how to build the URL inside of Google Sheets using some formulas =Encode and =Concatenate.

Stop Copy-Pasting Already! How to Automate DATA ENTRY (Tutorial) - YouTube

Then you would use Bardeen to scrape from these URLs. Note you will need to choose one or the other (True People Search or Fast People Search) because the scraper template will only work from the same structure of the site. I’m doubting they are they same. Because of this, I would generate two sheets or tabs per site.

Then you can use the Update Google Sheet rows action to populate them into another sheet or tab. 2. Please refer to the Update Google Sheets action. Here’s a nice guide:
How to use Update Google Sheet rows

I hope this helps!

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