Can I scrape True People Search? (Skip tracing question)

I have a list of names and addresses on a Google Sheet. I want to create an automation that will pull the wireless numbers for each of those contacts. Is this possible, or has anyone done this already?

Hi @reecesmi77 we’ll need more information on this to see how it’s possible.

Where will you find the numbers? Do you have a directory or data for this names?

Hey @reecesmi77, I had a quick look just to confirm you are talking about

If so the URL allows you to do the search

In the URL you have this string which as you can see has fname, lname and state
You can use merge text to construct this URL using google sheets.

I am not sure what the token is representing here.
Regarding the skipping it seems if you let it load, you do not need to click on skip.

For the scraping itself you will have to add enough delay to cover all the loading that happens.

I can also see that I am redirected to a different site called

It has the same parameters fname, lname and state

Hope this give you an idea how to start. If you would like further help with your automations please visit

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