Bardeen Action: "Create qrcode" -

Description of the issue:

“Create qrcode” Bardeen action has the following issues:

  1. Does not generate an image:
  2. Download option is only in text. Maybe this is expected behavior, but as a user, I would want the “Download” format in PNG, JPEG, Link options.

An advanced suggestion for future implementation would be to support QR Code redirect links so users don’t have to generate new QR codes/update the automation when their inputs change.

Steps to reproduce this issue:

Please provide a detailed account of the steps taken to encounter the issue. Where did you start? What actions did you perform? Where did you encounter the error?

Run this playbook: Shared Playbook | Bardeen

Bardeen version: 2.30.0

Hi, thanks for the report!

The download button works for me, but the image is an SVG one (vector). For some reason, when I tried a playbook with the action, the generated file has the right extension and opens correctly, but the playbook you shared does not. If the extension is .svg, the file will open as an image.

As for the broken image in the inline view, I reported the bug internally and we’ll investigate.

Thank you @gcampax!

Is it possible that my inputs are incorrect causing the file not to download in .svg?

I’m not sure how to use this action/was just testing to see how it worked.

I think if you don’t specify a name, or specify a name that ends with .svg, it should work. But either way that’s something we need to fix.

You are right - I just changed the file to add the .svg extension and it generated the image after opening:

Okay good to know! Thank you!

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