🎁 Automation System - Smartsuite CRM + 6 Bardeen Automations for a Sales CRM

Hey folks
We recently had this event in collab with smartsuite!

During the event, we showcased a system and automations to save time from Sales processes with a Smartsuite CRM.

1. Get the database system

We used a Smartsuite Sales Solution CRM free template to showcase this and edited it to add extra fields to map with Bardeen’s scraper.

Here’s the Smartsuite database template we used during the event.

You can duplicate it in your spaces.

2. :zap: Plug these automations

Let’s save a LinkedIn profile contact (1)
Shared Playbook Template

Now let’s do it with a right click (2)
Shared Playbook Template

Now let’s get their mutual contacts of that person, scraping a LinkedIn search into Smartsuite (3)
[Shared Playbook Template]Shared Playbook Template)

Let’s save the company account from that person (4)
Shared Playbook Template

Also with a right click (5) :wink:
Shared Playbook Template

What if we want to enrich our existing CRM? (6)

Let’s try to get the emails from our Smartsuite accounts, and then enrich them with Apollo and Clearbit

Shared Playbook Template


  • Consider seeing the event demo before running these.

  • :warning: You need to edit these automations to map them to your CRM system

  • We’re working on pre-built automations to feature on our catalog :soon: