🗓️ Nov 8 - Killing manual data entry with Bardeen & SmartSuite integration! 🗓️

:spiral_calendar: Nov 8 - Learn about our new integration with Smartsuite, the unified platform for process management. RSVP here or learn more…

We’re launching a new integration with Smartsuite, the unified platform to manage processes.

We’re launching it on a community event, co-hosted by Bardeen and Smartsuite, where we’ll showcase Smartsuite and our integration possibilities. We’ll have Avi, Head of Partnerships at Smartsuite, introducing this new platform the the Bardeen community.

Here’s what’s in store:

:new: Discover Smartsuite: Avi will introduce you to Smartsuite’s robust solutions.

:rocket: Explore Bardeen’s Integration: Ivan will unveil the new SmartSuite integration and how it enhances your experience.

:screwdriver: Learn Web Scraping into Smartsuite: We’ll demonstrate how to leverage Bardeen’s scrapers to effortlessly import data from the web into Smartsuite.

:chart_with_upwards_trend: Live Demos and Use-Cases: Witness firsthand how Bardeen and Smartsuite integration can revolutionize your workflow. We’ll showcase real-world use cases, from automating your CRM to extracting valuable web data.

:face_with_monocle: Interactive Q&A: Got questions about the integration? Our experts are here to provide insights and answers to maximize your Bardeen and Smartsuite experience.

Who Should Attend?

  • If you’re a clickup, airtable or #GoogleSheets fan, you need to learn about this!

  • If you’re in business development, recruiting, project management, data analysis, you might benefit from learning about this platform.

Don’t miss this chance to join your fellow community members and learn about this new integration.

:tickets: Save your spot here: Killing manual data entry with Bardeen & SmartSuite integration · Luma

:spiral_calendar: Date: Nov 8

That’s for everyone’s participation on the event!

Find the recording of the event here:

This gamma with the slides of the presentation: