🆕 [Sept + October] Must-read! 2 Months of updates on Bardeen

What’s new Bardeen?

Get your popcorn ready :popcorn:, cause we have packed the releases of October and September into a single article. We have game-changing updates like new integrations, a new Classifier (?!) and many platform improvements.


First up, we’ve got a new Apollo integration that’s going to make life easier for sales folks and CRM users. It lets you grab contact info straight from LinkedIn and other places, and even adds contacts to your email campaigns in one go. We also added our SmartSuite integration, an up-and-coming work management platform, with exciting integration possibilities.

Our most exciting new feature is the ability to classify data with AI. You can now build your own classifiers with Bardeen, or use OpenAI commands for quick classifications. Other features include the ability to add dynamic data to your scrapers to fill inputs or forms, and a way to split names! We’re also opening up a beta for always-running automations.

We’ve made neat improvements too. Our Pipedrive integration had an update and we’ve added a way to download tables as CSVs from your playbook results. Also, check out the new look of our Magicbox!

As usual, we prioritized squashing bugs to make sure everything runs smoother. From fixing stability issues to tweaking integrations and commands, we’ve got you covered.

It seems like a lot, but certainly, diving into these updates for yourself will be worth a read. There’s a lot to explore and try in Bardeen, and we think you’re going to love what you find!

Read the full release here.