Automate scraping from Linkedin Sales Navigator search

Apologies for the dumb question here. I’m looking to scrape a list of CEOs of certain-sized and regional startups. I’m running a trial of LI Sales Navigator which either allows me to search for CEOs in certain regions but not company sizes OR companies by size in a certain region. I know there’s a YT video on how to use the latter to pull the prior which is great.

However, I’m stuck when trying to run the templated automation that 0 results were found.

Would love some guidance on what I’m missing or the proper way to set this up.

Hi @scott.markovits, Welcome to the Bardeen Community :smiley:

Would you please share the automation and which website you’re trying to scrape from? Or share a look video of your details?

I’ll help you troubleshoot the issue. Thank you!

Hey Jess,

Thanks for the quick follow up. I used the Bardeen template provided for Linked Sales Navigator Search. Here’s a quick video showing the issue, the settings of the playbook and the page I’m on. I’m new at this so likely missing something obvious.


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Hi Scott,

Thank you for all of the details and video. I think the issue is the guess you mentioned in the video briefly - using sales navigator over just the regular LinkedIn search. The scraper template built by Bardeen that your automation is using is built off of the regular LinkedIn search page instead of Sales Navigator.

So in order to pull your results from within Sales Navigator, you’d need to create a custom list or table scraper template.

Here’s a quick intro:

See what results you can get from here, and let us know if you run into issues.

Thank you,

This video was definitely helpful. Thank you, Jess.

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Hi @scott.markovits

Saw the vid, seems like you’re trying to:

  1. Scrape the list from LinkedIn Sales Navigator → Here you’re using Bardeen’s official LN Sales Nav scraper.
  2. Scrape the LinkedIn links from those profiles on the background → Here you’re using your own template. Fix: use bardeen’s official “LinkedIn profile (by bardeen)” scraper.
  3. Save everything into Google Sheets.

My guess is that the second scraper is not bringing results.

The way you can know is by showing results and running the automation step-by-step.

Fix: click on the “show results”

Great to know and will check it out. Thank you so much!

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