Autobooks in the Notion App are Useless and Unreliable

I’ve encountered this issue a lot of times and went back and forth setting up simple automation yet haven’t been able to make it work. WHY … for the love of God, can’t this work?

Why is it always returning no results when a “Title” has no value? this goes in both ways.

  • “When a Notion Page is Created”
  • Find Notion Pages in this Database.

I don’t think I have to set a value to the title if I can set filters. Titles can differ and be random. What matters is to be able to set filters so the script can run and do the automation.

This is the second time I’ve posted about this broken autobook. I’m not sure if the main intention of building this scenario is for scalability. This is not.

Hi @juliusgabriel ,

Thanks for reporting this. We will look into this. We are in the process of revamping our WHEN actions (that underpin autobooks) and are soon going to have cloud-enabled autobooks that will be much more sturdy and will run more reliably. Please stay tuned for that.


Thank you and we’re looking forward to it. If this becomes possible then we’re likely to be able to shift from other automation providers to Bardeen, At the end of the day, this isn’t a custom-specific request. Definitely an overlooked function that needs to be fixed on your end as it seems.

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