Auto adding all NEW profiles on google maps to a google sheet

I would like to get all newly created locations of a certain type (e.g. all restaurants that just started/ opened a google profile) and add them to a google sheet. It’s a sales use case. i want to be the first person to reach out to them after they created their google profile. How can I do that with Bardeen?

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First, we’d need a website that contains this data to scrape the information from. However, I’m not seeing the “started/opened date” as public data on google Business profiles so I don’t believe this use case can be accomplished through there. is there a place to find the creation date of my google business listing? - Google Business Profile Community

If there’s another website location that includes this data, we’d likely be able to pull the data from there - do you have anything in mind/researched?

We could use another indicator that might hint to us that it is new or newer say if they have less than 100 reviews or something. I’m not sure that would work for your use case, but it’s a possibility.

I hope this helps!
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Hi Jess, thanks so much! I guess one way would be to scape a complete city on a daily/ weekly basis and then the two lists could be compared and only the new ones filtered out. Not sure there is another way to be honest. Would this somehow work with Bardeen?

Right we could do that with Bardeen :ambassador_excited: :grinning:

Thanks @Jess for your tips and insights !

Hi @Moritz ,

Just checking in if you were successful in creating your playbook ?

We have a pre-built scraper for Google Maps results that you can use :smile:

I’ve gone ahead and created a playbook and a google sheet template that you can use to compare if a restaurant is new based on whether it was found in previous scrapes.

Here’s a quick Loom video showing you how it works.

Happy Automating !


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