Would it be possible to automate a daily message via WhatsApp?

Hello community! I’m looking to do some automations and start with something simple, some of the things that I’ve thinked about require a message send through WhatsApp to a chat group and a personal DM.
To you know if this is possible using the software™? The Twitter CM told me to ask it here :slight_smile:
Have a good day!

Hey 23fpmoreno! Thanks for reaching out to the community.

While it’s not currently possible to send messages to WhatsApp groups directly, you can definitely automate sending messages to your own mobile on WhatsApp.

And yes, you can do this on a daily basis with “When schedule trigger ocurrs” trigger on Bardeen.

Here’s an example: Productivity Hack ⚡ - Get your events daily on Whatsapp [2-min to setup⌛]

It’s a great way to stay updated with daily events.

What use-case do you have in mind?

Let us know updates and if you need any help setting it up. Have a fantastic day! :blush:

PS: moving this into :question:Help and questions, for next ocassions feel free to ask there!

Thank you very much for answering!
We have a running gag in my friendgroup where one will say “happy birthday” to another, even if™ it’s not their birthday. I’d like to send a message to an specific person every day until their real birthday

This is so cute haha love it!

Sorry we weren’t able to help you on this.

Found this guide on how to send messages to whatsapp contacts with the help of mobile apps:

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