When new row is added in Airtable

Is extracting values from Airtable possible?
I have a list of URLs in a column on Airtable, can’t figure out how to collect new URLs as they’re added into the table.

As new applicants apply, their linkedin url is added into a table, i’m using the linkedin information to extract their profile picture, university, and description.

Currently, as URL is added into the table, i need to paste it into the scraper which then works… but i’d like to automate that part.

Hope someone can help :sweat_smile:

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Hi Jeffendy

That’s a great question.

We actually don’t have a “when new row is added” trigger in airtable, which is very important for these types of use-cases.

I’ve turned this into a :bulb:Share an idea so you and other users can vote on it.

gotcha, thank you ivan!


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