Trying to take screenshots of a website and as a bonus, see if new things are added to the dashboard

Hi everyone, i’m new here but very intrigued by this all, always have been about automation!

I’m trying to take a screenshot of a webpage every 30 mins as I want to see when things get updated as there are" jobs" on there that go pretty quick. It’s a dashboard pretty much that gets updated and I’m trying to figure out when is the best time to check.

Currently, i’m using the one recommended by Bardeen itself - Upload a screenshot of a web page to Google Drive periodically - but it doesn’t really work. I’ve seen it take an age (minutes) to take screenshots an upload it, and sometimes it’s a white page! I’ve tried using the delay feature to let the page load to no avail. Sometimes it doesn’t even upload / take a screenshot!

Screenshot 2024-04-07 222730

I’ve tried to find a way to download the screenshot instead but the AI isn’t finding a solution for that and i can’t build it either.

I’d also like to do it so it doesn’t run between 01:00 and 07:00 as i’m, well, sleeping then.

Thank you for reading!

Edit: If anyone knows if it’s possible for bardeen to detect if there’s been a change to the website (the only change that occurs is new job postings) please let me know!

Edit 2: I’m a complete novice to this all and i believe Bardeen is still a WIP so if there are other tools that can help me with this please do let me know! :slight_smile:

I’ve found the AI also opens the url and the webpage screenshot isn’t a full page because it doesn’t expand it full screen. It also interrupts whatever i’m doing when it opens the url.


Would be happy to help. I just tested the Bardeen playbook and it seems to work on my end. Can you please share the link to the playbook that you modified so I can better troubleshoot? How long of a delay were you using?


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