Dynamic link URL - Screenshot Automation

Hello! Is it possible to have a dynamic link URL used with the screenshot automation? I have a report that has a couple options for images or iframes and want to see if Bardeen can solve this

Hi Mike, welcome to Bardeen!

Seems like you’re trying to take screenshots of a list of URLs?

Our “screenshot of page snippet” action only works on active tab.

Yet, we do have a “Get page as PDF” action that can dynamically run over many urls, by entering to the pages, taking a PDF screenshot, and then saving them into GDdrive (for instance).

Hello! So the goal of this one, is each day, the autobook would run and grab a screenshot, but the link used to access the URL would not have to changed, so it could be plugged into this report widget, so whenever it is loaded it would have the most recent version

Hello, it turns out the reporting software just added an integration for the CRM so we would no longer need this, feel free to close!

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