Trouble dynamically selecting date range on a dashboard

Hey there!

I am trying to scrape some data from my ConvertKit dashboard, specifically, new subscribers. So I am setting the Trigger as “Schedule” and then I want to take the Month, Day, and Year, and use them to dynamically select a date.

I tried selecting the date, then click, then chose each the month, year, and day as inputs. But no matter what I put in my template when I do a test run, it is never filtering by my date before it grabs the subscribers.

What is the correct method to dynamically set this date filter?

Hi Jesse

Welcome to the community.

I understand you’re trying to dynamically input the dates into the dashboard so you can then scrape the dashboard’s subscribers.

It’s possible to scrape data from dashboards as long as the scraper can pick up those fields. I’ve done it myself on multiple dashboards.
Yet a complication here is dynamically changing the dates.

We don’t use Convertkit and it’s a new case for us, so if you have loom video or screenshots of how this page looks like that would be helpful for us to check how can this be possible.

Some ideas that come to mind:

  1. Does the URL of the page change when you input a date?

If that’s the case, we might be able to set up the dates through a URL.

  1. You can also try Scraper’s new feature to fill in inputs dynamically.

Yet, this depends on whether the date Bardeen can pick up input.

It’s experimental. You can learn more here:

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