Summarize an AirBnB listing reviews and save to a Google Doc

Hi folks!

When I’m planning a trip usually it’s quite time-consuming. I love using AirBnB to find accommodations but reading through hundreds of reviews for each listing I like takes hours.

To save time, I created this playbook. To use it, simply navigate to the AirBnB listing and open reviews. Then you can run your playbook. It’ll ask you to create a new Google Doc or use an existing one and will run ChatGPT to prepare a summary of all customer reviews.

This way I can find an optimal place to stay much faster. Feel free to try and let me know if you have any questions :slight_smile:

Here’s the playbook:

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Awesome automation! :trophy: (maybe automation of the month!)

I’ve thought of doing this and you found a way to do it very seamlessly, congrats!

The output summaizes the reviews for an airbnb!


This is a great :rocket: Personal Productivity hack!