Small Error ruining ALL Bardeen Automations

Hii, I was running a Bardeen automation where it was opening URLs from a column in Google Sheets. It was converting HTML to text from there.

However, once in a while a page has “DNS could not be found” error.

This causes it to give the following error:
“RPC Impossible. Please ensure to run this command from a web page (not new tab, or extension page).”

How do I surpass this without manually removing those pages from my database? (The amount of entries is pretty long)

@Jess @ivan @Deyan_Petrov
I’d really appreciate it if one of you could help me solve this issue.

Hi @fitfreak.riditnimdia - would you mind sharing your automation with us? Thank you!

@Jess did you have time to look at it?

@Jess @ivan @Deyan_Petrov I am really sorry to annoy you but my business is losing money and I really quickly need to fix this problem. Can I get some help? Thanks a lot you guys

Hi @fitfreak.riditnimdia - The error is likely occurring for websites that are not secure/have an invalid cert date. I recommend identifying the sites and removing them from your Google Sheet and re-running the automation.

I hope this helps!

The spreadsheet is a large database that I am unable to share at the moment. However the issue is very simple:

Once in a while, a URL in the database is erroneous and hence if you open the URL, it says “Dns not found”.

Since Bardeen is supposed to read the HTML on the page and convert it to text, it throws the “RPC Impossible” error mentioned above.

I just want a way to eliminate this error by something like having Bardeen skip over these pages as it reads them or any other technical solution you can come up with.

Thank you!

You could try adding the “Find all links in text” as your second action:

I’m not positive this will work, but the next step would be to try to actually use a formula in GSheets to ensure the link is valid.

I’ll try that and let you know.

Meanwhile, is there some other Bardeen automation I can run that goes through pages and checks for DNS validity?

There are 1000s of URLs and I don’t want to do this manually.

I believe that is the closest one Bardeen has, but is looking to implement in the future.

If that doesn’t work, try watching this video timestamp start at 31:37 to check for the invalid links in your Google Sheet I mentioned before:

Bardeen Workshop: Master Advanced Automation & Scraping practices with Deyan Petrov - YouTube

Yes, this works!!

Thank you so much, you are awesome Jess.

Awesome to hear @fitfreak.riditnimdia! Thank you for confirming it worked! If you enjoyed the assistance and feel like showing some love, I’d appreciate a small contribution via my Buy Me a Coffee link.

No pressure, though! Just keep me in mind if you need more help down the road. Happy to help :slight_smile:

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