I can't add Google Sheets to set up automation

Hi, I can’t add Google Sheets from my account to Bardeen. I received error notification as follows “Failed to fetch. A network request could not be processed. A Playbook configuration may have resulted in more requests being issued than your browser supports. Try to limit the amount of data you are processing, and retry.” I don’t understand what is all about. Please, advise how to cure the problem thank you. I am really desperate! Please help! Thanks. Irina

Hi Irina,

failed to fetch means that the browser couldn’t process a network request. That could be due to

  • the user being offline
  • the browser being overloaded w/ too many requests
  • something blocking the request from being processed (security related)

Could you try opening Bardeen and following the steps below to connect your Bardeen account to Google Sheets and let me know if you’re still facing the issue please ? A loom recording of the steps you’re taking and the error message would help us troubleshoot your issue.

Hi @cs100customers

I’m sorry that you got this issue!

This error can come from network issues, which could be that:

  • You were offline
  • The browser was overloaded w/ too many requests
  • Or less likely…something blocking the request from being processed

I can think of 2 quick things you can try to fix this:

  1. Reload Bardeen
    Reload or update Bardeen

  2. Can you remove and add again the Google Sheets integration?


Let us know if after doing this you still got the issue!

To help you figure this out, can you also clarify what you mean by this?

I can’t add Google Sheets from my account to Bardeen

Is it that you’re not able to find the spreadsheets in Google Sheets Actions?

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