Scraping Amazon deals for certain categories

Hi how can I scrape Amazon deals for certain categories but I want to do it in a mass way.

I wanted you to deals that have a percentage off but don’t want to go in each individual Amazon page I want to scrape the beginning before I go into details pages

Thank you

Hi @Avi_Lang - this is possible to accomplish filtering only deals that have a % off after the scrape through other actions.

I’ve created a video for you here that outlines how this can be accomplished:
Amazon Deals - Percentages Only

And here’s the automation:

I hope this helps!
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HI @Jess thank you for this how can i get this info in a google sheets in stead of a table? also can i get a list of categories as i am only interested in the dining and kitchen

thank you

To get into a Google sheet just simply add the “Add rows to Google Sheet” action to the end of the playbook.

To get your specific category, apply the filter on Amazon before running the playbook.

I hope this helps!

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