Problems with pagination

Hello, I am trying to scrape the following page (Reddit - Dive into anything ) with the following automation (Shared Playbook Template), but when I put the the infinite pagination on, it doesn’t function. Help me with this, please. You guys are only a few steps away from a very loyal customer

Hi @krisvanmoerkerk, Welcome to the Bardeen Community :slight_smile:

Could you please try adding a delay action into your scraper?

  1. Edit your Scraper
  2. Select “Add Special Field”
  3. Select Delay from the dropdown
  4. Enter 3 into the text field
  5. Hit the save button

I hope this helps!
Thank you,

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Hey @krisvanmoerkerk ,

Happy to help if you don’t manage to get it working. I opened up your scraper but only saw that it was scraping the title, content and comments . Whereas Jess’ screenshot shows more variables, just wanted to check if you changed the scraper template in the playbook ?

Thanks, this problem is solved now. But my credits are all spent and now I want to buy more, but it keeps telling me that credit card is refused. please help me with this. it happens in the Stripoe checkout page.
It is also very glitchy because sometimes it says in my Bardeen extension that the credits are bought, and then a couple minutes later it tells me that I have no credits left. what is the problem?

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