Scraper Actions: "Enter" & "Focus"

Hi! After reviewing the release notes documentation and trial/error on my part, I’m unable to determine what and how the “Enter” & “Focus” actions on the scraper template are intended for use. Could you please help me understand?

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See you’ve discovered the “#” huh?

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Good question there!

I have no clarity on this either.

Tagging @manvel for further clarification.

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Hi @Jess thanks for noticing this and sorry for the late reply.

Yes, indeed Enter didn’t end up in the release notes accidentally, also I realize that we do not show it as picker action, which I think it should.

The Enter action just trigger “Enter” keypress on the specific field. Meaning it expects to have a target element, Focus event on the other hand does focus specific inputs and/or can use to bring some parts of the page into the view part, what it does is following:

  • Bring element to the viewport.
  • Focuses element(i.e. in case it’s a form element, input, checkbox and etc it suppose to focus it similar how the tabulation works in forms)

I will followup adding those two into the Actions Window when picking element, but also I think we should improve the Edit dialog, because currently it’s messy and lists bunch of mixed actions, we should only list there relevant to the target action(Scraping/Special and etc).

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Thank you Manvel! I appreciate the context!