Salesforce - Click on an opportunity search the associated email address in gmail

when i click on an opportunity in salesforce i want is to search the associated email address in gmail is this possible?

Hey @beaver.matt

Seems like you want something like this?

I checked the option inside Salesforce and can’t find a way this is possible, since the opportunity doesn’t contain the company url or any email you can search for.

Yet, the accounts DO have emails.

So that can be a way to find the associated email all in a single workflow.

You can try is scraping the related account link from that salesforce opportunity, to get the email.

Here’s an automation draft:

Activate the automation and right click over a Salesforce opportunity. This will extract the contact’s account email and search on Gmail.

Salesforce might be tricky to scrape. I ran into this error.

Before diving deeper, let us know if this is what you’re searching for.

@danmelk :eye:

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