Router plan mode on and off

I have a router that has a feature to activate flight mode and then deactivate it by pressing a button on the router’s settings page. I want to program a method using Barden to press the flight mode activation button every 6 minutes, then deactivate flight mode after 4 seconds, then wait for another 6 minutes. Activate flight mode, and so on

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hmmm every 6 minutes isn’t currently possible with Bardeen at the moment, but you can request it for consideration for future implementation here - :bulb:Share an idea

The most frequent to automatically run an automation is once per day:

However, I guess you could make separate automations that run daily that are ran 6 minutes apart so 240 total (1440 minutes in a day/6 minutes), but that would take a lot of time and isn’t ideal. It is a workaround for the moment though for this use case.

Here’s the actions to use for the automations:

  1. When a scheduled event occurs
  2. Scrape data in the background

Create a scraper template that clicks that button on the router’s setting page

  1. Wait for delay
  2. Scrape data in the background

I hope this helps!
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