Repeat Actions 10 Times Before Sending an Email

I have a Bardeen playbook that look like this:

  1. Scrape data from active tab (Basically scrapping pages that appeared on Google News, there are 10 pages in Google News)
  2. Get page as HTML (converting the pages to HTML)
  3. Convert HTML to text (converting the HTML content to text)
  4. Get custom prompt to OpenAI (summarize the text using AI)
  5. Add rows to Google Sheet (add the summarized content to Google Sheet)
  6. Send to email (Send the Google Sheet table to my Gmail)

But there is a problem. Notice that there are 10 pages in Google News, meaning that at the end I would receive 10 different emails each for a page from Google News.

I just want to be able to receive one email, containing all the summaries from the 10 pages from Google Sheet. How to make that happen?

Loop? Condition? These two are so unintuitive.

Hi there,

I think you can try the “Merge text” action to aggregate the output before sending an email:

Hope this helps!

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