Refresh Field Mapping Properties (Notion)

Is there a way to update the mapping fields when using a module like “add page to Notion database”? For instance, if I’m creating the automation and realize that the database is lacking some properties, can I refresh the connection or do I have to rebuild it completely?

Hi @dell.cooper, the easiest way I’ve found to have Bardeen update to display any newly added properties of a Notion database is to simply delete the action inside of your Bardeen automation and recreate it from scratch. It is a little time consuming, but it works.

I hope this helps!
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Thanks for the quick response. That is what I am doing. Was hoping for an easier way.

There should be an easier way, I would agree. We should share this feedback here: :bulb:Share an idea

Great point and feedback! Indeed there’s no way to refresh the fields automatically. You need to remove it and add it back again.

How would you imagine a simpler way to do this?

I’ll turn this into a :bulb:Share an idea

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The fields should refresh automatically or there should be a button on the mapping section that allows the user to manually refresh to pull in any new properties added without unmapping/removing any existing inputs in the action.

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Yes to this :100: :100: :100:

@Pierre @bagrat

IMO, Fillout nails this functionality/UI. (See top left of screenshot)

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Love the reference Garret!

What is the app about?

Guessing you mean the refreshing icon :arrows_clockwise:

Hey folks, happy to share we have this feature planned for upcoming releases.

Here’s a preview of the designs! In case you have any thoughts :slight_smile:

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Thank you Ivan, excited for the needed feature!

I don’t see any differences in the two pictures, but it looks exactly how I would’ve imagined it - nice work!

Yep, shared the second one now :smiley: