No tasks retrieved from ClickUp List (and Usability Issues)

For context, we recenly re-updated the Clickup integration.

This would help solve pending issues like this one.

Yet I’m very ashamed because I just checked on my updated account, and seems like the bug is still there :frowning:

I wasn’t able to find my own lists inside Clickup


I’ll push with our team so we can check and prioritize this bug fix.

Hi Ivan, I’m updated to the latest version and I still can’t retrieve my Clickup lists, but at least it now pick up on assignees. I’m a free user if that makes a difference. I was never able to test anything during my free trial because none of my scenarios were working with Clickup (it’s my main use case to want to use Bardeen) so I never upgraded pro.

Thank you for the heads up Ivan!

I had the latest version, checked everything prior to writing here. Indeed it is a shame that the bug is still there :pensive:.

Is there any possibility from your and yours team side to provide an approximate timeframe when this could be resolved?

Hey @ivan!

I am back with some updates. Previous automations that were working stopped to do so now.

I am kindly asking for any updates when the issue described previously and the issue that appeared now will be fixed.

Looking forward to hearing from you or your team

Hey guys, sharing my latest attempt, transparently, I still have the issue :cry:

I’m sorry this has been a terrible experience.

I’m following up on this and want to personally help you set up your automations once this integration is fixed.

Thank you for the heads up!

Will be looking forward to receiving any updates.

Hi @Marko @marylene

I got the news that our latest release (on Friday) included these fixes for Clickup.

Clickup integration should be fixed and stable.

You can update Bardeen and try again anytime!

Tagging @govert to stay on the loop :eye:

Hey @ivan

Thank you for the update. I have reinstalled the extension in Chrome, as well as reconnected everything once again. Unfortunately, it does not find any lists, but can now find who to assign to the task.

Regarding the screenshot with the bug, I will make sure to ask my team how does it work now. Is there anything I can do from my side to speed the process up? :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed:

I’ve done same steps as Marco, updated reinstalled and reconnect and I have dame result as well. I can see and select assignees from my clickup account but it doesn’t see/fetch any of my lists :frowning:

Just making sure, you’re on 2.38? It was recently released and your apps could be on a previous version.

Please confirm :pray:

Hey Ivan!

I hope all is well. Just wanted to reach out to the chat that we had before, however I can not find the chat anymore. Therefore reaching out here. Are there any updates regarding the integration?

Hello @ivan @govert !

Hope you guys are doing good. It has been a while since the last time we received updates on the issue with clickup. And chat that we had seems to be deleted, or maybe I am just having trouble to find it.

I would kindly ask for any upds from your side regarding the issue.