Newbie help needed. Looking to automate voting in an online poll

Your help is greatly appreciated, as I’m new to AI. My son is in a popularity contest, and although he was winning with legitimate voting online from an army of family and friends, another player went from 0% of the votes to 32% in 36 hours straight. Clearly automated or a bot, so now…we want to fight back! Here’s what I’ve tried to do, partly successfully…partly not.

What works so far:

HOWEVER…the balance doesn’t work:

  • Open chrome://settings/clearBrowserData.
  • Click “Clear Data”
  • Refresh the original URL

And then…I want this to auto-repeat over and over.

Any help greatly appreciated! Seriously. TY!

Hi Keith,

Unfortunately, Bardeen is not able to clear browser settings locally. If it helps, our scraper is able to open pages in the incognito tab so you can use the scraper you have built with that function. This setting is in the scraping action which you will find in the playbook editor.


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