Need Scraping from map (Gisportal), but it's not working

Hello, it’s not scraping the data . i need it automatically to be scraped.

Hey @ksenia can you let us know what have you tried? I can see that this site is a bit tricky to scrape. Also what information are you looking to obtain?

There are plots with Last Name, Name of decedents. So I need to scrape info of where they are located.

Yeah scraping maps is usually tricky since maps tend to be embedded into the page (the page doesn’t contain the information, rather it’s linking to another page), so it’s not possible to scrape.

In this case it seems like the data is in the page.

So there might be some selectors to get the information, which require some CSS practice.

@dan might be able to take a look. Else I’d recommend you to look for advanced help on :briefcase: Jobs and Gigs

Can I scrape if I know CSS tag?

Yes, you can add your custom css selectors to refine the scraper

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