Cant Get My Craigslist Scraper to Work

Hi Bardeen Community!

I am trying to scrape search results from Craigslist and send to a google sheet
the elements I am trying to scrape are:
1 Title
2. Link
3. Date
4. Price
5 Location

I have all the columns mapped in my spreadsheet accurately and I believe I have mapped them correctly in the automation but its not working. Heres a link to my playbook:

PS I also noticed the default Bardeen Scraper for Craistlist doesn’t work either. Perhaps there’s something wrong with craigslist/Bardeen?
Appreciate the help!


Hi @ajs, welcome to the Bardeen Community :slight_smile:

I was able to return results for your scraper in the playbook. Are you able to share more details on what you are experiencing for it not working?

Would you mind sharing the “Craigsist SERP” GSheet publicly with edit rights as well?

Thank you,

Hi Jess,

I get an error message saying that it failed to run and I get no scraped results from Craigslist

here’s the google sheet:

Thank you, I’ll need edit rights to check the automation though. Could you please provide them and confirm when completed?

Thanks for reporting this!

What is not working on the craiglist scraper?

Did you try extending editing the existing Bardeen model ?

Just tried the Craiglist Scraper over new york musicians - craigslist

and worked properly

Could it be that the page you’re scraping has a different layout?

Hi Jess,

I’ve now provided you edit rights

try it on this CL search results page:

orange co for sale “tesla” - craigslist

When I try it on this it doesn’t work.

Also doesn’t export to my google sheet:

Craigsist SERP - Google Sheets

Feel free to request edit access on the google sheet and ill approve

Thank you for the details @ajs :slight_smile:

On your playbook, I’m only able to return one result and successfully import into the GSheet. Therefore, I’m going to create my own Craigslist scraper from this page: orange co for sale "tesla" - craigslist

And create my own automation to see if we can get this use case accomplished.

As promised above, here’s the automation to accomplish this use case:

I simply created the scraper template by extending the one build by Bardeen off of this web page: orange co for sale “tesla” - craigslist

It appears that Bardeen’s scraper template was built using the “thumb” view:

Whereas your first linked here was on the “list” view:

Please let me know if you have any further questions.
Thank you,

Hey Jess,

Thansk for helping. When I run the scraper on the CL Thumb view it only scrapes 11 results, are you able to get more?

here the link to the google sheet

[Craigsist SERP - Google Sheets]( SERP - Google Sheets)

I just tried 30 and returned all results in the spreadsheet:

You likely need to reset all inputs or edit inputs as it’s asking for the number of items to pull each time and you might’ve selected to save it:

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just got it to work, thakn you!

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Awesome news! Happy to help @ajs

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