My Autobook Turns off when right-clicking, can't activate it


My Scraping Autobook Turns off when right-clicking it, so I can’t run it and it disappear from the right-click menu. I need to refresh the page, and re-activate it in Bardeen app to see it again (but the issue is still there)

Strange enough, when I remove the “when I right-click on Website” trigger and make the Automation as a Playbook, no issue.

I’d really love someone to help me solve this, because it’s critical for my workflow and time management to have this feature working.

Thanks in advance !

Hi @quentools

I’m sorry that you’re running into this issue.

Seems like you’re reporting a bug.

In this case we’ll need some more details to find a way to reproduce this issue and crush the :bug:

  1. Which version of Bardeen are you using
  2. Can you share an autobook that’s runnign into this issue
  3. Have you seen any errors pop up? Can you share the errors?

For future ocasions here’s a practical guide on reporting issues:


I am trying to get some gmail and Google Drive functions integrated but I am getting stuck.

What works:

  • Send e-mail when using a Bardeen playbook
  • create new doc in Google Docs
  • read from doc in Google Docs

Not working:
-read from mail

  • send read text to ChatGPT

I found something. I think the problem lies within the activation of the autobooks.

I cannot switch them “on” apparently. When I do the little switch goes to green, but when I leave and come back thet are back to “off”.

What could be the problem here?

Hi, to reproduce the issue, I think Bardeen devs should try to connect to the same Bardeen account on multiple Chrome browser profiles (3 in my case). I had 2 changes of mind so I kept the last one (the third profile), but didn’t think of disconnecting from the other 2 before connecting to the 3rd…

Could this be the issue ?

Also, I noted that the newest Chrome profile I created had performance issues (dunno why), so I’ll delete it and recreate it to see how things goes

It is true that I also run multiple google- and chromeprofiles on my computer.

I connected as the first one but also decided to switch because the first one doesn’t have e-mail…

Hi folks, I got response from the team.

We 've prioritized this fix and it should come out in Bardeen V2.30.

You can update your apps to get the fix!
Updating bardeen

Hi Ivan,

I have the update, but keep having troubles.

the Autobooks keep turning off on impractical, and to me at least, unpredictable times.
Can you please look at this as it renders the whole idea useless :slight_smile:
Feel Free to look at my Autobooks O, M and J where I have these problems.


I just updated the extension to 2.30 and it works back to normal.

I’ll continue testing it to see if it randomly stops or behave abnormally

I’m sorry this is happening @boris.lammens!

Can you share any steps for us to try to reproduce this?

For instance the automations that are failing, and when do they turn off?

Or if you have a quick loom that can also be very usefull!

Feel free to do so here, or even better on new thread at :lady_beetle: Report an issue

What is a loom? I don’t know what that is…

Loom – Screen Recorder & Screen Capture - Chrome Web Store (

It’s an extension you can add to your browser to quickly screen record and share it through a link.

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