Looking to develop my use case™ scraping debates from a website :D

Hello comunity™,
I looking to scrape the data from this website BP Aduz 2023 | Private URL
and paste it into a google spreadsheet. Any idea on the steps I should follow?

Hi @23fpmoreno

What data are you looking to scrape from this page?

Here’s the steps I’d take to accomplish your task:

  1. Create a Playbook with the following actions:
  1. Scrape data on Active Tab

Create your scraper template

  1. Add rows to google Sheets

Yes, that’s what I have done. The problem I am facing now is that apparently it’s a premium feature, but when I try to know the plan needed for this automation, it says that’s not available:)

Hmm, the above referenced actions I’ve provided are not premium features.

Could you please share more details like the auto/playbook you are working with?

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