Hi - Deep Scraping Bug Issues

Hi -

I recorded a Loom to better explain the issue.

The playbook is running 4x & even pulling different info each time …

Hey @parker, could you please share the website, the sheet you are using and the book also? We can have a look first hand what is going on.

This is the website - https://www.listennotes.com/

Here is the sheet - Podcast Deep Scrape - Google Sheets
(Note - I deleted the extra rows)

Here is the playbook - Shared Playbook | Bardeen
(Note - it scrapes from the search podcasts page, an individual podcast page & an individual episode page)

What’s your email? I’ll give you edit rights!

Curious why the scraper was executing 4x each time I activated it too? Any chance you’d be willing to hop on a quick zoom so I can show you?

Parker has messaged me on a DM so here is the solution
There was an issue with the Active Tab scraper, I’ve changed the way information is added, first we scrape and add the URLs to the sheet, than we update the sheet once for each of the background scrapers.

He than had this issue

I’ve gotten it to work, and then I get an error message “Invalid page URL is provided. Target page() is an invalid URL, please ensure to provide a valid URL as the target page.” and then it has worked again … i have no idea lol
I had a quick look, some of them do not have a last episode URLs
You atre right - I just updated & it worked … am going to try with a larger data set & see what happens. Thank you!!

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