Strugling to create a Youtube Subscriber playbook

I have been scraping follower from Facebook and Tiktok, no issue.
But when I try to scrape subscriber count from YT, using the same method, there seems to be a bug.

I am looking for a way to scrape the subscriber count from the Google sheet list in the background. I try with only 3 links because I’m wasting my credits here. When I hit run the first time, I got 1 result out of 3. Then I hit run again and did not change a single thing, it returned 2 results. Then I hit run again, it reverts back to only 1 result.

What could potentially be the cause of this. I’m running out of credits soon, so I’m asking for help. Thanks all!
Screenshot 2023-08-06 014333

Sorry to hear you are having issues, please share the book so we can have a look.

Yeah sure!

This is what I used.

Thank you, I’ve had an issue with background scraping too, the pages do not actually load.

Please add a 3-5 secs delay to your background scraper and should solve the issue

Hi @supassorn.w

Sorry you’re running into troubles here.

I checked the automation and it has some improvement opportunities.

  1. Use the “find all links in text” to get the links from the URL column on the spreadsheet
  2. Adding a delay

Updated version:

Moving into :question:Help and questions

Yeah! that seems to help. Thanks a lot!

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