List scraper with 'show more' caret needing to be clicked

Hi there,

I have been trying for hours to get a one page list scraper working, where a caret needs to be clicked to reveal more information before scraping a list.

What is the secret to getting this working?


Hi Tj!

Interesting question, is it like a toggle on the page you need to click?

If you can share more details on what the page link is or how it looks like would be super helpful!

But rule of thumb, if you can click on the ^, consider using the scraper’s “click” action for this. It should be able to click on the button and then extract information from whatever popup of field you need.

Hi Ivan,

Here is a screen shot of what I am wanting to achieve…

So I need the LIST scraper to click on the SEE MORE caret, however it does not at all function as you would expect.

I have made dozens of scrapers trying to get the functionality working, yet it keeps getting stuck in a loop and then closing with out the data.


Here is a screenshot of the scraper steps I’ve implemented.


Hey Tj

I’m guessing you’re using the list scraper here, which will allow you to get the specified fields.

We should treat the “show more” as a pagination button in this case.

So instead of running the “click” option, change the pagination to the “next button” type and click on “show more”.

We might need to refine it with CSS selectors if it’s not working.

I guess that’s your case, which can be tricky.

We gave a masterclass recently on how to use CSS selectors.

But for us to help further we will need the link to the page, or the HTML file of the page so we can take a look.

To do so, get the page HTML file like this:

Share the HTML file of a page . compressed

Tagging @dan who can help us check this further.

Yet consider this is a custom check we need to do, and we’re not sure how long it’ll take.

Other options are to learn how to refine this case with the CSS masterclass I shared or search for help on :briefcase: Jobs and Gigs to refine your scraper. If you’re on Bardeen pro you can also share the case to our premium so we can give it a faster push :slight_smile:

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