Instagram scraping to google sheets - error message fail

I’ve emailed support 3 times about this now but not heard anything back from them. So deep breath and trying here:

I’m on the trial of bardeen to see if it works for what I need it for: scraping followers lists from instagram and putting it in google sheets. I’ve followed setup exactly and am receiving this error message when running the playbook:

“An error occoured. Please make sure to run this Playbook from the currently opened Instagram followers / following pages.”

…which I am doing. Not sure if this is something other people have experienced? Or if it’s something that bardeen might be able to respond to me on. That would be magic!


Hey John! We’re really sorry to hear about your experience so far.

I’ve checked our email records and couldn’t find any emails from your end. Can you please let us know where you sent them?

Regarding the issue you’re facing, we’ll definitely look into it and try to reproduce the error message.

Still, can you give us any pointers on how you ran this automation? Over any particular Instagram followers page?

Hang in there, we’ll do our best to help you out. Thanks for reaching out!

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