Inconsistent text returned from scraper in Autobook

Description of the issue:

Trying to use selected text from a page in an Autobook that’s triggered on right-click. The “get selected text on current page” action seems to have some serious flaws as it only works intermittently. Often no text or even outdated text is returned.
Please note that this issue is specifically for the Autobook. I do not encounter the same issue when I turn this into a regular playbook (by removing the “triggered on right-click” action), so the scraper action should have access to the selected text in question.

Error message (if aplicable):

Please paste the error message below:

There is no error, this just doesn't work as intended:
- Sometimes no text is returned
- Sometimes outdated text is returned
- Sometimes the actual selected text is retuned

Steps to reproduce this issue:

  • I’m opening an article on a website, usually medium / substack / pocket
  • I select some text on the page
  • I use a simple Autobook with just a scraper that returns the result
  • I check the log to see what’s returned exactly (some pictures at the bottom)
Bardeen version: 2.3.0
Link to Playbook or Autobook (if applicable):
:movie_camera:Video recording or screenshots (optional, but recommended):

Selected text is correctly returned
Screenshot 2023-09-05 at 12.44.22

Text from previous run is returned
Screenshot 2023-09-05 at 12.44.29

No text whatsoever is returned
Screenshot 2023-09-05 at 13.00.17

Hi, thanks for the detailed report.
I reported this internally, but meanwhile, “When I right-click on a website” already returns the selected text if you right click on a selection, and you can access it in further actions in the playbook by clicking on “Trigger: When I right-click on a website” → “Selection”. This should be more reliable than a separate “Get selected text” action.

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Well actually, I tried that first! However, so far I’ve never been able to access any of the variables within triggers. Those are all empty - always. In fact, it made me think I actually misunderstood the purpose of those…

To demonstrate this, I’ve extended the Autobook with a Merge Text step, and have also made a few additional screenshots below:

Updated autobook:

Detail of merge action:

Example result (to be clear: the first line is the result for the Trigger):

I’m getting the same results. It copies the selection, but not the Page URL, or Link. Not sure the difference between Page URL or Link, but they do not return regardless:

hey there @gcampax any update on your end?

I hope you have been able to review the additional comments about your suggested workaround (which also doesn’t give the expected results). Perhaps you can bring this to the attention of the team working on this issue as well.

Hi @rap! Our team is still looking into it, but it’s taking slightly longer to resolve than we initially anticipated. Please be patient with us. We’ve prioritized your request, and expect to have an answer for you within the next two working days.

Hey there Lucy, any update? I’m definitely patient, but because you said

have an answer for you within the next two working days.

I’m checking in again, as it’s now 1.5 month later :sweat_smile:

@rap my sincere apologies for not providing an update sooner. Unfortunately, this has not been resolved yet and is still in queue. I’ll nudge the team and see when we can get this resolved.


Thank you for your continued patience while we work on resolving this issue which will likely be in the next week.

This was fixed recently, and should be working in the current release. Closing.