I am looking for someone to build a Real Estate listing website and CRM

Would anyone be willing to deliver a CRM project?

I am looking to build a real estate listing website and smart phone application with a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to provide a platform that facilitates the management of property businesses for real estate agents, developers, investors, real estate photographers, lawyers, sellers, buyers, landlords, renters, STR hosts and visitors. We aim to modernize and bring about a credible property market in DR Congo, starting with the capital, Kinshasa.

What we require:

  1. Design, build & host the website and smartphone/web app with integrated CRM (with the ability to import and export data to a database that will eventually will be used to build the country’s first MLS, IP lookup) to enable:

a. The Management of commercial & residential properties & lands data (including some manual input of land registry data)
b. The Management of leads and opportunities. (e.g. a Hot Client X is interested in property X; property x is now in category x)
c. The provision of Dashboards/portals:
a. For reporting and analysis of web traffic and leads.
b. For clients, agents, and admin/staff to track key stages of the property businesses (e.g. the stages of buying, selling, land deed acquisition, construction project processes…).
d. The automation of business processes, including contracts and reports generation (data to be pulled from multiple choice forms and database)
e. The Management of Documents (contracts, invoices, quotes, and reports)
f. The Management of payments (deposits, Buying and selling Transactions, commission, subscription fee)
g. The management of Construction Projects

Congolese primarily use their mobile phone to access the internet and for social media. Email is hardly used. Whatsapp is the main means of communication, then via other social media. So, we expect Whatsapp to be a primary means of communication outside of our website and app. Website & app to be optimized for relatively slow internet smart phone users.

I am looked into using Houzer Theme but their CRM does not quite provide everything we need.

Can the Bardeeners help me solve this problem?

Hi there,

Bardeen is a process automation platform and a web scraping tool. Unfortunately website and app development is a bit out of our scope.

You may lear how it works here: https://www.bardeen.ai/product/how-to-use-bardeen
I can also suggest taking a look at our lead automation workflows: https://www.bardeen.ai/playbooks?playbook-name=lead

Thank you for your interest!


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