Building a VC Company Prospecting CRM with Softr & Bardeen

Last week we hosted an event with one of our Pro Users, @Frans - ​Francisco Schuler, Investment Associate at Wayra VC, who showcased how he built a system to scrape startups from LinkedIn into Airtable and visualize it on a nice-looking App for his team – saving heaps of time and money.

Best of all, it’s no code!

Check the event recording here :video_camera: :video_camera:

​Thanks for participating, and kudos to you for taking the time to learn all these new skills!:clap:

​✅ Using Bardeen prebuilt automations

​✅ LinkedIn scraping

​✅ The entrepreneurial story of a Corporate VC using automation for internal processes.

​✅ How to build apps with Softr

​✅ Building a company CRM with Softr

​We shared templates and automations during the event as well.

:gift: Event slides and resources

Follow along the event recording with the slides and the automations.

​You’re now equipped to build automation-powered apps in speed time.

If you’re creating something similar, please reach out!

We’d love to see what you build!