How to update existing scrapper action fields?

Hello, I have built a scrapper for a page with a lot of effort and a lot of time. I have configured it so that the data is then sent to Airtable.

Now some fields have been changed on the website on which the scrapper is to run. Is there now a possibility to update my existing actions within my scrapper? I don’t want to create a new action because I would then have to map everything again.

The screenshot only shows an example of what I mean.

Hi @LastSamuraj ,

This is possible by updating the CSS Selector of the correct element of the page inside of the action.

If you provide the website and confirm where the right element is on the page, I can try to further assist you.

Thank you,

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Hi @Jess , glad to hear again from you :slight_smile:

I will provide the URL via PM to you.


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Good to hear from you too buddy!

I’m not sure they still have that feature enabled on this community, but let me know. Thank you!

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