How to scrape a gallery from a detail page

I’m trying to scrape from a detail page where there are galleries in it,
I was able to scrape everything but there are detail pages with less gallery items, and some with a lot of gallery items, and Bardeen seems to not be able to scrape it correctly.

Example url used for template scraping:

Other example of pages that I need to scrape:

The detail page scraper I made:

As you can see there is 2 galleries, the first problem is that when I get to another page with less or more images he is not able to identify all of them, if there is less, basically he goes in a loop giving me the same images multiple time. Second problem I’m not sure I’m able to divide the 2 galleries.

As the list of this detail pages comes from a listing page where I’m using a list scraper, I guess I should do something like this:
List scraper > detail page scraper > List scraper (for gallery items, they are in a light box) > gallery item scrape > Excel rows

But I’m not sure If we are able to connect all the things together on the Excel.

Any idea?

Thanks a lot for the help

Hi @aryan ,

Try using this CSS Selector in your Scraper template for the images in the Galler section of the page:

body > div.container.dettaglio > div:nth-child(8) > div > div > div.col-sm-9.innerRight > div > div

Your actions for this playbook would be:

  1. Scrape data in the background (list scraper from listing page)
  2. Scrape data in the background (list scraper for the details page for the gallery)
  3. Add rows to Google Sheet
  • Bardeen doesn’t connect to Microsoft Excel just yet.

I hope this helps!
Thank you,

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