How can I save text AND images that don't have URLs

Hi everyone, I am trying to download text and images from a webpage. The data is dynamically created, depending on the buttons I select, as as the images (graphs). How do I save both text and images? My challenge is that the images don’t have URLs and I don’t know whether to save them so that I have the images and the text together. Please see attached screenshot. Many thanks

Hi @DocScience

Love the use-case, I’m guessing this is a private dashboard?

I have an idea of how you can try this.

Seems like you need to

  1. Select the buttons on the page
  2. Wait till the graph is generated
  3. Scrape the text fields
  4. Take a screenshot of the graph
  5. Save image to GDrive
  6. Save all data to Gsheets

Demo automation

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